Please read through our terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions are bound to be changed and updated please check back quite often. These Terms and Conditions between you and Verxel Arts “we,” “us” “our,” or “Verxel Arts” describes your choice hiring Verxel Arts means you have this Agreement.

Internet account:
These are online accounts Verxel Arts has created on various platforms in order to have a representation. We do not have direct control over these platforms. The platforms include and not limited to YouTube.com, Facebook.com Twitter.com, Vimeo.com, WhatsApp.com Flickr.com, Dropbox.com, Google.com and its related product and services, Yahoo, Mailchimp.com and Paypal.com. 



These terms and conditions covers all products sold on our website or internet accounts Verxel Arts has created. The list include, 3D models, loopable animation, and Stock footage.



These terms and conditions covers all services that involve video & photography services. The list includes Television or Internet commercials, Documentaries and Portrait, Landscape or Studio photography. The terms and conditions also covers events such Weddings, Kitchen parties or Bridal showers Matebeto & Chilanga Mulilo.

By Hiring Verxel Arts you accept that:

a) You have acted on behalf of all parties involved.

b) Verxel Arts may publish your images and videos on the internet or print media or television for broadcast or advertisement.

c) Verxel Arts may use your images or videos as sample of our work to other clients.

d) Should the client dislike our services or products, Verxel Arts shall not be held liable.



a) Verxel Arts will not misuse your images or videos to misrepresent YOU according to Verxel Arts’ integrity.

b) You have the right to instruct Verxel Arts to remove images or videos Verxel Arts has uploaded to which you feel uncomfortable. (NOTE THAT: Verxel Arts has no power to take down images or videos stolen from our Internets accounts or website and re-uploaded under different accounts we do not control.

d) Should the client dislike our services or products, Verxel Arts shall not be held liable.