SERVICES  WEDDINGS Verxel Arts has been shooting weddings since 2009. Over these years, the company has gained enormous experience. We have learned that every wedding is unique and special not only to the Bride, groom, family members and friends, but to us as well. As a result, the company is always equipping it self with relevant technologies for the preservation of the most cherished moments. COMMERCIALS Verxel Arts creates outstanding commercials and advertisements for corporations, institutions and private companies. With the coming of the internet nearly on every devices, Video usage has grown tremendously.  companies, organisation and institution are utilizing video to communicate effectively with their existing and potential customers.  CULTURAL Verxel Arts equally shoots cultural events such as Amatebeto, Ichilanga Mulilo and Bridal showers otherwise known as Kitchen Parties. These events are designed to educate the groom and bride ways to sustain a health marriage. Guests that attend such events both married and not equally learn the methods  of strengthening their relationships. PHOTOGRAPHY Verxel Arts loves pictures, moving pictures or stills. We shoot product photography, portraits, landscapes and weddings. Not only do we shoot photos, we create images through Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and graphic designs. If your company or institution desires for images to be used for billboards, or internet purposes you can always contact Verxel Arts.