Roselinda's Kitchen Party

Ms Roselinda’s kitchen party was held on the 29th April, 2017 at Lima Gardens. Earlier that day, there was a marriage blessing for Mr. Anderson and Ms Roselinda. If you would like to check of the wedding ceremony of Mr & Mrs Zulu please visit Verxel Arts’ wedding page or click on the button below. Ms Roselinda’s kitchen party colour theme was white and pink. She was dressed in a pink Indian attire. Similarly, her mother was dressed in a yellow dress. The bridal party entertained the guests with dances to different music.

Ms Roselinda received various gifts from family and friends. The groom was brought up. He was caring a bouquet of flowers that he presented to Ms Roselinda. Before unveiling the wife, friends and family to Mr Anderson escorted him and they cashed out some money. This took quiet some time as they started with smaller notes, the mistress of ceremony did not allow that. The couple later presented gifts to their mothers and the guest of honor.

The guest of honer was Mrs. Ngoma. She gave a very profound speech to the new wedded couple and Verxel Arts preserved the memories. The groom was let go and the wife escorted him out. They danced.


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