Download free and premium video background for your video projects.

Video Backgrounds are very useful in video production. They complement stock footage and interviews shots in the film making process. In addition they serve as fillers shots or cutaways added for covering up problems or mistakes in video footage. The most notable usage of video backgrounds or video loops or background loops whichever you call them, is when there is the use of text in the film. These texts can be direct quotes, or captions of unclear recordings or even in demonstration that needs text or graphics. Backgrounds loops can also be used in a voice overs in order to stimulate the right emotions.

179MB  .MP4  3:20min

Green background of the US waving flag with a matte or mask for alpha channel for usage in documentaries and general video production.


170.45MB  .MP4  

Free Endless wire tunnel video that can be used as video background for texts in video production and vlogging.