Patricia's Kitchen Party

Patricia’s kitchen party was held on the 30th of April, 2016 at her mothers house in woodlands. The event decor was white and black. Guest started arriving at 13:00 Zambian time. Among the special guests that attended the event was Ms Paticia’s grand father. The matron entertained the guests with various dances. Then the bride was brought out covered in a chitenge cloth. 

The groom was introduced and he unveiled the bride to the guests as she was covered in chitenge. He then confirmed that she was the one. Ms Patricia wore a nice purple chitenge attire. Similarly, the groom wore a purple and black chitenge shirt. She was later told to hand pick her groom from among the men that accompanied the groom. After all this, Ms Patricia then presented her gifts to her mother and the mother in-law.

Verxel Arts was honored to preserve this memorable event with pictures and videos. The event ended with joy and laughter.


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