Oscar's Ichilanga mulilo & Amatebeto

Oscar’s Amatebeto & Ichilanga Mulilo were held on the 22nd April, 2017. Oscar Chimfwembe was formally freed to eat at the in-laws’ house whatever food he would find prepared. Usually, the Amatebeto comes after marriage, but as the gentleman is expected to be, he was celebrated in advance with a feast of various foods. The Amatebeto & Ichilanga Mulilo ware prepared from Lusaka west at the farm of Ms. Stephanie’s parents. The various kind of food where prepared. Ms. Stephanie was cultured during the preparation of the food, through songs, dances and other methods. She was being prepared to being a cultured wife.

After the food was prepared, it was transported to the farm of Mr. Chimfwembe; guardian to the Mr. Oscar Chimfwembe. There the guests were waiting. Before the food was brought in the yard, family and relatives to Mr. Chimfwembe had to show some appreciation by splashing cash. Similarly before the food was brought into the house. The women who brought the food inside were entering backwards. Mr. Chimfwembe sat with elderly persons who reviled the meaning behind such behaviour. In addition, the matron also expounded when showing the food to Mr. Chimfwembe and “Ba Shibukombe”. Then more money was splashed during the ceremony. The people that brought the food went back. Food was served and the guests did eat. Verxel Arts shot the entire event from the preparation of food to when the guests ate.