The Making of Melissa S1E1

Verxel Arts’ first movie; it’s a short. Verxel Arts mission is to make make movies. Not just any movies, but rather International standard. In our efforts to attain our mission, we have created our first movie. The movie script was a reaction of a young man who had news of unwanted pregnancy. Then He was met by his friend in the railway line. 


The actors in the movie are real life friends. One of then is the film director at Verxel Arts. The script was written by the producer at Verxel Arts. It was presented to the actors on a short notice and they didn’t have enough time to master it. The script was equally written within a short period of time. It was designed for rehearsals. It needed not to be complicated.

The movie was shot along the railway line in John Howard Chawama. The producer preferred to shoot the movie during the golden hour. The shooting process was done in one day. Not so many equipment were used. It was just a camera (Canon eos M), tripod and a lavalier microphone. The lavalier mic was plugged into the camera. The light source was the Sunset and some sky reflections. The entire movie was shot on the Yongnuo 50mm canon ef mount lense. Of course there was an ef to eos m adapter.

The video was edited in Kdenlive. The sound track was downloaded from the Facebook sound collection. We used the Bean-Stalk-Hustle track as it suited the African environment.

Against all odds, Verxel Arts’ first movie was a fairly success. This is due to our vast experiences we have in video production. Such as 3D animations, television commercials or advertisement,  Wedding video and photography production. We’ve learned to take scripts seriously. Join our mailing list and get notifications everytime we post something new.




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