Lubasi & Petronella

Lubasi Mpasa and Petronella Mtonga were married on the 7th September, 2013. The wedding ceremony was conducted at the University of Zambia Chapel (UNZA Chapel). The marriage sermon and counseling was conducted by Pastor Eddie Chansa. Pastor Chansa had prepared a different format for the couple. Guests talked to were happy with the sermon. The bride was presented to the groom and they exchanged vows. Then the groom was told to kiss his bride and they KISSED. After signing of the marriage certificate, the couple and the bridal party were accompanied by some guests for photo shoot at Lush Gardens. Later, Verxel Arts’ Photographer accompanied the couple for lunch. There, the photographer took more photos of the family and friends of the couple.

The reception took place at the Tripple M gardens. The reception ceremony started late; during that time, Verxel Arts mesmerized the guests with images that were shoot during the day projected on the projector screen. The master of ceremony was Mr. Mambwe. He was fun and entertained the guests till the end of the ceremony. Table number nine guests were the most referred to when he was joking. The bride and groom lived happily thereafter.

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