Oscar & Chama

Daliso and Patricia were married on the 7th May, 2016. The wedding ceremony was held at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Chapel. The service started at 14:00 and ended around 16:00. Besides delivering a powerful service for the couple, the Father blessed the couple and he made them pray a wonderful prayer together as the first thing they did after exchanging the vows. The Chapel was filled with family members and friends of the couple who witnessed the union. After the church service, the newly wedded couple, accompanied by the bridal party, the groomsmen, the families and friends went to the Goma lakes to take photos. Then later in the evening, all the invited guests went to the reception.

The reception venue was at 3Sixty convention along the Twin Palm road. The entire event was held in a marque. It was well decorated, colorfully lit and warmed with outdoor heaters. The reception service was both traditional Ngoni culture and western culture. It was well organized and spectacular. The guest of honor was Senior Chief Nkhosi Nzamane the fourth of the eastern province. Apart from family and friends, guests from all works of life such as politicians, business persons, and foreign dignitary were present at the reception. The master of ceremony was Chishala Chitoshi jr. the renowned presenter. The event was entertained by Uncle Rex live band in addition to the ceremony DJ. Verxel Arts preserved this memorable event and we wish Dalisto and Patricia ALL God’s blessing in their marriage.

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