Chilekwa & Winnie

Chilekwa Mwamba and Winnie Banda were married on the 5th October, 2013. The wedding ceremony was conducted at The Church of Jesus Christ and the latter day saints or The LDS Church in Lusaka. The couple underwent spiritual and marital counselings. The bride was presented to the groom and they exchanged vows. After the exchange of vows, the groom was asked to kiss the bride and they KISSED. Then they went to the signing of the marriage certificate. After the church service, the couple took some photo shoots on the church groungs before heading for lunch. The couple went to Judge Mwansa’s residence for more photo shoot and lunch. Verxel Arts took the opportunity to interview the parents and senior representatives of the newly weds. Wise words were recorded and preserved.

The reception took place at the Government Complex in Lusaka. The master of ceremony was Mr. Ozious Kaundula Banda. A number of the Zambian government ministers and senior government officials of that time were invited. The bridal party entertained the guests with various dances. Mr. Mwamba surprised the bride and the guests by miming ‘Good Woman’ a song by Roberto a Zambian artist. The bride and the groom lived happily thereafter.

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