Anderson & Roselinda

Anderson and Roselinda were married on the 29th April, 2017. The wedding ceremony was held at the Reformed church of Zambia (RCZ) in Matero. The wedding ceremony was attended by the family and friends of the couple. The officiating officer kept the ceremony short. After the couple exchanged vows and rings they didn’t kiss. Rather he first made them sign the certificates including all the witnesses. Then they Kissed. The couple walked out of church the dancing to the music played by the DJ. Outside the church, Verxel Arts took photos of the couple, the Pastor, family and friends. The Photo shoot continued at Lima Gardens Guest House.

The ceremony was planned that after the marriage blessing at church, the event proceeded with a kitchen party for now Mrs Zulu. For more information about Ms Roselinda’s kitchen party please visit Verxel Arts’ cultural page or just click on the button below.

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