Verxel Arts is a video production company that provides pre-production, production and post-production services like 3D animation, electronic video editing, computer generated graphic designs, motion graphics, visual effects (VFX), photography, cinematography and audio engineering.

Get the best video for your brand promotion, product demonstration and event coverage. Effective video truly increases sales by educating or informing customers. Draw out emotions and impact change.

For all your video production needs

Verxel Arts is a video production company in Zambia. It is a VFX Studio that provides Visual Effects , 3D animation, Photography, Documentaries, Commercials, static and motion graphic designs and the list is endless. We are dedicated to planning, and creating visual and audio content for our clients and other forms of promotion. For the best video or photography for your company’s social media, website or television.


Verxel Arts Shoots the best video for your projects, commercials and events.


Verxel Arts Shoots the best photography. Whether its product photography, corporate, portraits or events.


The best and outstanding graphic designs are done at Verxel Arts. This range from motion graphics, logo designs, billboards and social media designs for maximum visual appeal.


Animation takes video production to another world. Where the video camera can not go and shoot animation can. Verxel Arts is king in 3d and 2d animation.


Video editing is what we do at Verxel Arts. So if you have shot a all load of videos and do not have the time to edit them we can edit. With a versatile editing skills we can quickly learn your style.


Our pricing plan is simple and fluid.  Have a look at what would suit. We offer customer support before and after the purchase. Looking forward to doing business with you.

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